Tiburon: CA Real Estate: Fall 2010 Update

Tiburon: CA Real Estate: Fall 2010 Update

The homes that are selling in Tiburon fall into two divisions: 1) Below $1.3m and well priced—these homes are selling briskly; AND 2) Above $1.3m, remodeled, and well priced – the few tastefully remodeled, competitively priced homes that are on the market are also selling briskly at great prices (with a few exceptions).

The homes that are not selling are either over-priced, or need remodeling, or both. 17% of the homes on the MLS are in contract- this is indicative of a weak market, but not abysmally so (like Belvedere) given the season. Buyers continue to support average prices in Tiburon because of the lifestyle, school district, proximity to SF, family-friendly neighborhoods, and views– buyers are also shopping for ease of entrance (not projects) and/or great values.

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