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Tiburon was originally the home of the Miwok Indian, over 50 villages used to occupy the peninsula and feed off the abundant fish and shellfish of Richardson Bay. In the late 1830’s, most of present day Tiburon was granted by the Mexican government to settler John Reed.

John Reed was born in Dublin in 1805, and went to sea with a seafaring uncle at 15. He left the ship at Acapulco, where he stayed for six years, learning to speak Spanish fluently, before sailing north to Yerba Buena, later to be named San Francisco. Having befriended many influential people along his journeys, he was eventually issued a land grant from the Mexican government near present day Santa Rosa. Unfortunately the Cotate Indians drove him back to the relative safety of Southern Marin where he married the commandant’s daughter and was awarded another land grant, what is most of modern day Tiburon. For more history please visit the Mill Valley Historical Society.

Situated on a peninsula across the Bay from San Francisco, Tiburon has breathtaking views, the best of any Marin town, with the exception of parts of Belvedere. Tiburon is a clean, quiet, family town. On Friday nights during the summer there is a great street fair geared for families with children to welcome the weekend. The town of Tiburon has quaint, tree-lined streets, including Main Street that hosts Tiburon’s best haunts including Sam’s, the Candy Store, amongst others.

Tiburon has a distinctly different culture and feel than other Marin towns- which is one of the great things about Marin is that there is a place for everyone. One of the interesting things about Tiburon is all the families typically go thru the public schools together (Reed School District) which quickly assimilates new families into the community, as opposed to other Marin towns which has multiple different elementary schools on different campuses.

The Blue and Gold Ferry is a luxury commuting choice- ferries leave from a dock off main street and shuttles passengers effortlessly from to downtown San Francisco. On weekends the same dock provides ferry service to Angel Island with its beaches, hiking and biking trails, and vistas you won’t soon forget.

Tiburon and Belvedere are cooler than most of Marin as the predominant northwesterly sea breezes keep the air from warming much above  70’s, especially in the Tiburon hills. However, there are some warmer pockets of Tiburon that an informed realtor can show. The Corinthian and the San Francisco Yatch Club are located in Tiburon and are a fantastic launch pad for San Francisco Bay sailing. The “back side” of Tiburon includes the Paradise Cay neighborhood (with a harbor) that hosts homes with docks, providing great access to both the San Pablo Bay and the greater San Francisco Bay for sailing.

Tiburon’s Reed Schools District is named after adventurer John Reed, (http://www.reedschools.org ) and is widely considered to be Southern Marin’s best public school system.

When you visit Tiburon, be sure to walk the bike path along the Bay at Blackie’s Pasture, visit Paradise Beach Park with the kids, hike Ring Mountain Trail, have aperitifs at Sam’s

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