Tiburon CA Real Estate – Q4 & 2010 Review

Tiburon CA Real Estate – Q4 & 2010 Review

Tiburon Q4 & 2010 Review:

Tiburon weathered the recession with the least price volatility, but is flat for the year. A Tiburon RESI (Condo + SFR) was placed in Q4 2008, but SFR homes are still dropping as the data below shows -5% for the year.

The biggest news in Tiburon is the surge in CONDO prices up 47% in ’10, a disastrous fall in prices during ’08 & ’09 (51% price drop from peak, & 70%  decline in units sold)

The average Tiburon RESI (CONDO +  SFR) home price is $1.95m and average incomes show Tiburon can support average home prices up to $2.04m.

The primary buyer demographic continues to be families with children seeking good public school options, flat lawns, 4+ bed 3.5+ bath ready to hit the ground running– remodel or renovation projects are very out of favor for this group.

Last, we spend a great deal of time researching these statistics. It is our competitive edge in the marketplace for your benefit– as we very often use this data to support our price negotiations. We work harder than other agents on this data primarily because want to earn your business. Please call or email us us today. 415-867-6611 Dave@thedupontgroup.net .

Happy Holidays & New Year!

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