Stinson Beach CA Real Estate 2009 Review

Stinson Beach CA Real Estate 2009 Review

Marin Real Estate
In the last 44 years, there have been only two years (excluding 2008 & 2009) when average home prices in Marin County have decreased from one year to the next: -1.2% in 1991 and -1.4% in 1992– after the S&L crisis.

Marin County average residential home prices fell -12.7% in 2008 and -21% in 2009.  

 A unit-sale weighted average of Southern, Central & Northern Marin show Southern Marin prices are down -17.4%, Central Marin down -13.1%, and Northern Marin down -18.4% from 2008 levels.

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Stinson Beach Real Estate

Stinson Beach has the dubious title of currently being the weakest market in Marin (of the 14 towns that I cover). There are 17 homes on the market in Stinson Beach and NONE of them are in cotract. Sausalito is the second weakest with only one home in contract. Demand for second homes at Stinson Beach is clearly not present, the same with Sausalito– which does tell us a bit about the demand in the Market: families are looking for decent public school systems withing close proximity to jobs in San Francsico…

April 1st 2010 Inventory Data (April Fools day):

Notice the 3 year free fall in unit sales in Stinson Beach graph below:

In 2008 and 2009, Dave and the DuPont Group are leading agents in Marin County Real Estate. Since the recession began in earnest in 2008, Dave personally closed over 36 sales and $47m in real estate sales, and his group has closed over $60m. For 2 years running Dave has sold more homes than any other agent at DB Sotheby’s Intl Realty. The data in these pages represents the extra mile we go for clients and is our competitive advantage over other agents in all parts of Marin. Now is not the time to select an agent to represent you because they are a friend or even because they may have represented you in the past. The work habits most realtors has evolved over the past 20 years are not translating well into selling homes in today’s real estate environment where home buyers make decisions because of financial considerations as opposed to emotional ones.

Dave is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Financial Manager (CFM), received his MBA from Pepperdine University, a CA real estate broker and worked for approximately 10 years in the San Francisco financial district. This Blog works in conjunction with The DuPont Groups primary web site.

Please call me to discuss this information in more detail 415-867-6611 – Dave

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