Schools in Sausalito

Schools in Sausalito

Sausalito School District, which is located at 630 Nevada St., 415-331-3507, operates three schools that are shared by students from the City of Sausalito and the unincorporated community of Marin City.

 These include the Bayside Elementary School, which serves K through grade 6 and is located at 630 Nevada Street, Telephone: 415-332-1024; the Martin Luther King Jr. Academy, at 610 Drake Ave., Telephone 415-332-3573, which serves 7th and 8th graders; and Willow Creek Academy, a K through 8 Charter School at 630 Nevada St., Telephone 415-331-7530.

 Willow Creek Academy recently received an award of $25,000 from State Farm Insurance to locate the original Willow Creek and initiate a creek restoration program. Located in the Willow Creek Watershed, Willow Creek Academy is engaged in this project to locate the creek somewhere above the Rodeo Creek freeway exit.

 Willow Creek Academy was initiated to ensure that Sausalito Marin City students would be able to attend a K through 8 school with the municipal boundaries, instead of having to travel elsewhere to attend school. It is felt that building a strong public school identity is important to the culture of the community. During the first three years, the Academy increased its enrollment from 37 to 104 students. In 2009, a second kindergarten class was added.

 The Oak Hill School, located at 441 Drake Ave., Tel: 415-331-7601, is geared to children with autism and other developmental differences, which is accomplished by modeling “innovative educational practices, harnessing the power of relationships to inspire social, emotional and intellectual growth.”

 Located in Marin City, California, Oak Hill School provides an academic and therapeutic program for children from kindergarten through adolescence, K-12. In fact, the school serves children from school-age through 22 years, with a variety of diagnoses including “non-verbal learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, as well as sensory integration, regulatory and multi-system developmental disorders.”  The staff at Oak Hill School includes “special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, creative arts therapists and psychotherapists.”

 While the range of disabilities among children served by Oak Hill School is ‘broad, classroom groupings cluster together children with similar academic levels and learning styles. Oak Hill’s program includes classrooms of children with strong verbal skills and academic potential as well as groups of children with emerging language abilities.  Children who have struggled in traditional classroom environments have an opportunity at Oak Hill to develop academic and social skills, improve self-esteem and become leaders among their peers.”

“Oak Hill’s mission is twofold:  First, to create a “best practice” learning environment for Bay Area children with developmental differences and their families; and second, to offer a model program for dissemination and training to other educators nationwide.”

 Finally, the Marin School, located at 100 Ebbtide Ave., Suite 500, 415-339-9336, is a private college preparatory high school serving 9th to 12th grade students.

 “All classes at The Marin School are taught college seminar-style with a 7:1 student: teacher ratio. Everyone is engaged because there’s no back row at The Marin School. In addition to our interactive curriculum, The Marin School offers students travel experiences off the beaten path from Ghana, West Africa, to the slopes of Peru’s Machu Picchu to the streets of Paris. The Marin School was recently featured on KRON 4’s Best of the Bay Series as Best High School in Marin County.”

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