Sausalito CA Real Estate Update: Condos

Sausalito CA Real Estate Update: Condos

Unique comparison of condo prices in Sausalito that takes into consideration condo size and buyer preference for condo size. (The DuPont Group Price Index)


Graphic representation of average selling prices for homes and condos in Sausalito through June 2013.


Year to year comparison of how many dollars per square foot condominiums are selling for in Sausalito, on average.


Quarter to quarter comparison of how many dollars per square foot residences in Sausalito (SFR and condos) are selling for through June 2013.


Comparison of the number of condo units that are being sold in Sausalito from year to year.


Visual display of the number of residential properties in Sausalito (SFR and condos) that have been sold from quarter to quarter from January 2007 through June 2013.


Assessment of the average value of a condominium property’s location in Sausalito through the use of Southern Marin Real Estate Blog’s proprietary formula and unique data set.


Display of the average structural values of condo properties in Sausalito per square foot without taking into account their location. This data is exclusive to the Southern Marin Real Estate Blog.




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