Sausalito CA Real Estate – Q4 & 2010 Review

Sausalito CA Real Estate – Q4 & 2010 Review

Sausalito Q4 & 2010 Year End Review

The biggest story in Southern Marin is a spike recovery in Sausalito real estate, as the charts below indicate. On the facing page notice Q4 2010 is the best ever by $/sqft, and the second best by price. This is a huge improvement and currently show Sausalito leading Southern Marin away from a bottom in Q1’10.

Pent-up demand for higher-end Sausalito homes flooded the market in the 6 weeks proceeding Thanksgiving. A number of homes closed that had been on the market for years, and currently 26% of the homes listed are in contract—indicative of a balanced market.

A number of $3m+ homes have traded and several more are poised to close including 9 Cloudview Trail $5m which rumour has it is goingto be bought by a certain Philly second baseman.

The average SFR home price in Sausalito is $1,489,127, or $616$/sqft. Average lot value is $550k.

Last, we spend a great deal of time researching these statistics. It is our competitive edge in the marketplace for your benefit– as we very often use this data to support our price negotiations. We work harder than other agents on this data primarily because want to earn your business. Please call or email us us today. 415-867-6611 .

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The first town after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is Sausalito-and above all it is a sailors’ town! Everywhere you look you’ll see maritime folks favorite playthings from kayaks to 200+ foot yachts. The town takes its name from one of the earliest Mexican Land Grants North of San Francisco– Rancho Saucelito to Nicolas Galindo in 1835– and was one of the busiest commercial areas in Marin during that time.

Sausalito’s year-round warm days and cool nights, artsy locals, and fantastic waterfront commerce and restaurants draw people from around the world and make Sausalito one of the greatest towns of Marin.

Sausalito is increasingly being considered by families due to its GREAT public school Willow Creek.

Sausalito was originally built as a summer getaway for wealthy San Franciscans, as the summer weather is significantly warmer and less foggy than San Francisco proper.

•October is the average warmest month.

•The highest recorded temperature was 99°F in 1961.

•On average, the coolest month is January.

•The lowest recorded temperature was 26°F in 1990.

•January is the average wettest month. (Compliments of the Sausalito COC website)

The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937 linking San Francisco to Marin county and with it’s completion, Sausalito, and Marin Country in general, have evolved into ideal suburbs for the ideal City: great weather, interesting community, close proximity to downtown San Francisco, situated equidistant between two international airports (Oakland and SF), loads of public open space for team sports, hiking, biking, kayaking fishing, sailing, surfing and windsurfing.

Sausalito fronts the San Francisco Bay on its west-north-west flank. The San Francisco Bay is well known as a mecca for sailing and windsurfing and supports a diverse eco-system. The San Francisco Bay is the size of the state of Rhode Island and is the largest estuarine system on the west coasts of both North and South America. Learn more about the following San Francisco Bay.

When looking for houses in Sausalito, be sure to work with a realtor who knows about the different weather zones in Sausalito. Several hundred yards in one direction or the other can mean a difference of 10-15 degrees on an average Summer afternoon .

There are several great options for commuting to San Francisco including ferry and bus service. There are more than a few Sausalito residents who commute by bike to San Francisco and swear by it. Driving time to the financial district ranges 15-25 minutes depending on the time of day and commuters are very infrequently subject to ‘stop-and-go’ traffic.


•Population (2005): 9,100

•Median resident age: 51

•Average household income (2005): $96,800

•Average home price (2005): $1,398,000

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