Sausalito CA Real Estate: Fall 2010 Update

Sausalito CA Real Estate: Fall 2010 Update

Sausalito CA Real Estate is coming back! After a painful year of very slow sales and a price plunge, the health of the Sausalito CA home market is recovering. 23% of the homes in Sausalito are in contract focused mainly on the low end. If you remove condos—the picture is surprisingly even better: 25% are in contract. Condos in Sausalito have faired better than SFR homes over the course of the last year so it does look like the market for SFR homes is turning.

Families typically look farther north of Sausalito for a number of reasons—one of which has historically been the public school system. Willow Creek, a Sausalito public school, is now a very good reason for families to consider Sausalito in addition to towns further north. Please visit the Willow Creek website and schedule a tour of the school.

Pricing remains very important in Sausalito and due to the many different micro-markets in Sausalito.

Please reference the Marin Update for additional information.

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