Relocation to Marin– Welcome Home!

Relocation to Marin– Welcome Home!

If you are contemplating relocating to Marin County, you are in for truly enjoyable times ahead. One of the most beautiful and unique areas in America, Marin County not only promises gorgeous scenery, but also excellent schools, fine restaurants, endless open spaces and parks, great shopping, and that only grazes the surface.

 Some of the most sought-after places to live are in Marin County’s southernmost reaches – most of them in direct sight of the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge. A first time visitor to the area was so overwhelmed with the fantastic scenery that his eyes were feasting upon as he drove up US101 that he literally “had to pull off the road.” And he was a jaded advertising man from New York!

 Sausalito, with its houseboats and long waterfront, has incredible views of San Francisco. Tiburon, which is just west of Sausalito, not only has phenomenal views of the City; it also has wide-open spaces. The piéce de rèsistance is the island City of Belvedere, one of the wealthiest municipalities in the United States, which sits between Tiburon to the west and Sausalito to the east.

 Located in Mill Valley, Tamalpais High School – also open to attendance from Sausalito – was awarded the California Distinguished School Award in 1999, 2005, and 2009 and has ranked in the top 5% of American schools since 2005. Mill Valley is perhaps the most popular municipality for families with children in Marin County.

 The process of relocating to Marin County is made much simpler by easily accessed online information that is available about virtually every aspect of each town that one could wish to know. To illustrate, copy and enter the following URL into your browser window: To learn about Tiburon, Belvedere or Sausalito, simply substitute these places for the Mill Valley part of the URL.

 Additional detailed information about schools in each area, commuting, dog walking, recreational activities of all kinds, places of worship, farmers markets, nightclubs and much more is available from many online articles available at (Tim: fill in here).

Another aspect of Marin that is outstanding is its topographic diversity, beginning with tidal flats along the coastline and rising up the rugged 2,600 foot Mt. Tamalpais. Lush and towering Redwood groves and the open trails of the Tennessee Valley Trailhead, which is part of the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area National Park Service, are perfect locations for hikes and horseback riding.

Swimming, boating, fishing are all possible in the San Pablo and San Francisco Bays as well as the Pacific Ocean.

Marin County is also interesting from a historic point of view. Inhabited by the Miwok Indians at the time of the Gold Rush in the early 1850s, the area became most fully populated after the 1906 Earthquake and fires that followed in San Francisco, driving many people of different nationalities across the Bay to Marin County. Owned by Mexico before the US Mexican War, the area was broken into enormous ranchos that were given to Mexicans and Americans who spoke Spanish.

In 1579, famed Sir Francis Drake sailed into a small harbor in western Marin County to repair his ship, The Golden Hind, after a year of marauding along the Mexican coast. While he claimed the surrounding territory for Queen Elizabeth I and England, those claims were never recognized.

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