Marin County Real Estate: Mid Quarter Update

Marin County Real Estate: Mid Quarter Update

This is an interim post. Please read the Marin County Fall Update article below:

There has been a surge of interest in Marin homes in the last few days. My leading indicator for Marin Real Estate activity is reaching close to the highest level in almost 3 years.

The below graph tells a similar interesting  story. For all SFR sales above $1m (which is what it costs to buy a family home in Southern Marin):

Please click to enlarge:


Between falling prices and incredilby affordable interest rates it is a good time to consider buying a home in Marin County. We may or may not be at “The Bottom” of the real estate market, but interest rates will likely start rising as better economic data hits the news wires. To be sure we have a long road to consumer balance sheet health, but the survivors (Marin buyers) are locking in great deals with very affordable financing.

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