Marin County Real Estate Update

Marin County Real Estate Update

4/22/10: This update only covers Southern Marin Towns: Sausalito, Tiburon, Mill Valley & Belvedere.

The general trend on the surface is similar to 30 days ago– 32% of the homes on the market were in contract then and same is true now. Some of these homes in contract are short sales and 17 of them are Contingent on the sale of another home which means the real number of homes in active contracts is probably closer to 28%. this is still a very good number and is enabling our local economy to self correct, deleverage and families to move on with their lives.

The feeling on the street however is that things have really slowed down in the lower markets while demand has shifted more up market at least relative to the last 12 months. The numbers don’t corroborate this so we will just have to see where things head from here.

The economic data still points to an increasingly stable economic recovery.

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