Institutional Services

Institutional Services

Single Family Rentals in upscale markets are a misunderstood asset class and have been largely ignored by institutional investors. The last 10 years has seen several SFR (single family rental) REITs emerge notably Invitation Homes (INVH) and American Homes for Rent (AMH). These REITs average portfolio home value is about $285,000. These REITs invest for cash flow in the bottom end of the market for two primary reasons: first these homes generally cash flow better right out of the gate, and second their valuation protocol isn’t sophisticated enough to scale the purchase of homes in more upscale markets which offer far greater return potential.


The DuPont Group partners with sister company REAVN HomeSmart Systems to give institutional home buyers a much more granular view on home value and pricing than has ever been available before. HomeSmart allows you to compare different homes “Elements of Value” at a deeper and more granular level and allows you to calculate the incremental cost or variations in design/flow, finish or condition and allows a mathematical approach to integrating each asset into a portfolio. Using this HomeSmart valuation protocol, each home receives a a 10 year investment plan based on its Lot-Location Value (LLV), Home Valuation Ratio relative to its market (DR), and the asset’s Relative Utility Score.

What makes a home price?

For every price there is Interplay between its *TWO*  “Primary Elements of Value”: 1) Lot-Location Value (LLV): What the site/lot is worth with all the benefits that flow with the land like public school district and tax base; and 2) Structure Condition Value (SCV): all the improvements which make up the dwelling.

All pricing elements for ANY upmarket home hinge off of the Lot-Location Value (LLV). The most important metric for any investor to know about any home they own or are thinking of buying is The Home Value Ratio (HVR) = SCV/LLV.  The LLV is generally an appreciating asset and the SCV is a depreciating asset. This HVR ratio is most important relative to the District Ratio which is the Average HVR for the market in which the property resides. Properties that have a higher HVR relative to the DR will require greater than average annual investment to receive average market returns.

Single Family Homes as an ASSET CLASS

A properly constructed portfolio of Single Family Homes more closely resembles a portfolio stocks than a traditional commercial real estate offering. The reason for this is each home is has a unique value proposition and fits into is local and regional market in very specific ways if you know what to look for. The difference between a portfolio of stocks and portfolio of SFR is risk- most of the risks inherent in a properly constructed portfolio of homes is insurable and more close resembles high grade municipal bonds in its risk profile while returns historically more closely track the SP500 – which makes this asset class very attractive for larger family offices, and institutional investors looking for portfolio diversification without sacrificing return.

REAVN Software

Our sister company REAVN has two primary assets: First: The HomeSmart Valuation Protocol and second the Crowdsource Software. REAVN contracts with local agents, provides guided online learning and utilizes their local market expertise to scale the purchase of homes with specific attributes that properly fit into the overall portfolio. Generally each fund takes about 9 months to fully invest, but since there are no institutional investors active in the space we generally have our pick of the best assets as retail homebuyers do not have an effecting pricing and evaluation protocol to effectively compete with us on future value. Local Home Flippers typically want more of a project than we do, and retail home buyers in our target markets generally want a home that is more turn key and needs less work.


Our Primary Offering for Institutional Investors and family offices are location specific funds under the moniker of We are able to scale the acquisition of properly constructed portfolio of homes in specific regional markets in 3 different risk profiles. These risk profiles include: Low, Medium, and Aggressive all depending on the level of leverage inherent in the specific fund. Please reference for more information.


The DuPont Group offers Family Offices private portfolio services including regional market evaluation, custom tailored SFR funds with custom tailored risk profiles, property management services scaled with Mynd Property Management, and locally contracted crews for maintenance and improvement which over time transform the each asset and drive the longer-term appreciation. These funds generally qualify for tax favored 1031 tax treatment.


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