Tiburon CA Real Estate 2014 Year End Review

Tiburon CA Real Estate 2014 Year End Review

Average Tiburon Home size by year.

Tiburon SFR Average House Size SQFT

Tiburon average selling $/SQFT.Tiburon SFR Mean Selling $-SQFT

The below price index chart is an index that is formulated by our group and incorporates the average size home to sell in Tiburon    .

 Tiburon SFR Price Index

There are two components to home value, and everything about a home can be allocated to one of those two ‘buckets’- 1) lot/location value and all the rights and liabilities that come with the home such as taxes and public schools; and 2) Structure value- the actual home- the layout, flow, finishes, curb appeal. The below two charts show proprietary data- our little real estate group is the only entity in the world that does this- from year to year home buyers’ taste change; in some years they want ‘structure’ (home finish), in other years they want size, and in other years they want lot/location.

Tiburon SFR Lot Values

Tiburon SFR Median Lot Values

SFR Tiburon Structure Values

 Tiburon SFR Median Structure Value

Tiburon  Condo Data:

Tiburon Condominium Average House Size SQFT

Tiburon Condominium Median Sale Price

Tiburon Condominium Mean Selling $-SQFT Tiburon Condominium Median Lot Values   Tiburon Condominium Median Structure Value




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